Top 5 reasons why your startup should choose DevOps as a Service

Top 5 reasons why your startup should choose DevOps as a Service

For several years I have been working in different sectors, and the needs have always been very similar. The market is always in constant evolution, and the demands are more critical day by day.

Working as an IT consultant with small companies, far from the big corporations, allowed me to understand many of their needs and difficulties, as the challenges they face in developing quality products without a significant investment.


In that way, I can tell you that DevOps is an ideal option. It allows organizations to improve their responsiveness to customer needs, have a competitive advantage in their industry, and optimize the development time of their products or new features.

However, creating a DevOps team from scratch can be expensive for most SMEs and startups and a slow and resource-intensive process. In this case, and after having explored this path for some years, the most effective option is to use DevOps as a Service (DaaS), a service where an experienced provider such as PALO IT, will help you implement DevOps quickly and at a lower cost.


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Even for large organizations, the cultural issue goes beyond money, so sometimes, we will notice that it is more expensive to make this change than the DevOps implementation itself.

 I invite you to read on as I will share the five most important reasons a startup should consider DevOps as a service. 

What is Devops as a Service?

DevOps as a Service (DaaS) is a service that allows organizations to delegate all tasks, management, and maintenance of the development delivery cycle pipeline, to enable software teams to focus on product improvement and delivery of new features. Forget about investing time and resources.

Why DevOps as a Service?

Now that you know a little more about DevOps as a Service, I would like to share with you 5 reasons that will help convince you that it is the best option if you do not have considerable resources or you are looking for your team to focus on more urgent tasks:

1. Implement DevOps in only 6 days

Creating a DevOps department can be unfeasible for many organizations because, as I mentioned, this process must take time and effort to build a trained team with the necessary skills and tools.

With DaaS, DevOps could be implemented in just 3 days, something to highlight in comparison to the 2 months it takes to start from scratch, which significantly shortens the learning curve of organizations in the efficiency of their deliveries and deployments to production.

Never better said: "Time is money."


2. Cost reduction

In contrast to DaaS, building an in-house team involves more operational overhead; for example, recruiting talent and providing the necessary training and tools to the team increases costs considerably.

Standardizing IT operations helps reduce costs by eliminating unplanned work. The integration and automation of tests help detect errors as soon as they appear and, consequently, positively affect the economic aspect.


3. Release your team's time

The implementation of DevOps as a Service allows organizations' teams to focus more on new projects since the provider company will be in charge of managing all the configuration, monitoring, testing, and security points.

With this, teams will have more time for essential functions, leaving aside all those processes that would otherwise consume their time and resources.

As you can see, this will not only have positive effects on the productivity of the collaborators, but it can also be an essential step to scale their business and give way to innovation, something fundamental for the stage in which these organizations find themselves.

4. Accelerate Time-to-Market

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The supplier company will automate most of the critical and time-consuming operations of the projects; this undoubtedly helps accelerate the delivery of new products by an estimated average of 70 %.

I share with you the success story of S-peak, a startup of personalized language programs with which PALO IT recently implemented DevOps as a Service. Among the achievements, we decreased the time-to-market from 3 months to 1 week.


5. Respond effectively to changes without losing quality.

DaaS enables it to actively track and respond to fluctuations in market demand, update service offerings or release a new product in a short period that would otherwise be a slow or inefficient process. 

By doing this, organizations aim to improve their responsiveness, optimize the development time of their products or new functionalities, and satisfy their customers' needs.


In conclusion, DaaS is an excellent way to implement DevOps if you do not have extra resources and want to do it as soon as possible without compromising the quality of your products. 

Having the support of an experienced company will allow you access to the benefits I have already mentioned and help you adopt new ways of working, establish new goals and standards, and promote effective collaboration among all teams.

Are you interested in implementing DevOps as a Service? At PALO IT, we want to help you take the first step to transform your organization's development delivery cycle. Learn more about our value proposition for DevOps as a Service and sign up for the chance to receive a free demo for your organization, contact our team to find out what we can achieve together.


Guillaume d'Herbemont
Guillaume d'Herbemont

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