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PALO IT Mexico: Technology Consultancy Certified as a B Corporation

PALO IT Mexico: Technology Consultancy Certified as a B Corporation

In a constantly evolving world, where awareness of environmental and social sustainability is on the rise, companies play a crucial role in driving positive change. In this context, PALO IT Mexico is proud to join the list of organizations certified as a B Corporation, leading as a technology consultancy in Mexico. This certification recognizes companies that meet high standards of social performance, environmental responsibility, transparency, and accountability

The Reason Behind Our B Corporation Certification

B Lab represents the most advanced paradigm of sustainable and regenerative businesses worldwide. Its mission to transform the global economy for the benefit of all people and the planet is shared by PALO IT. We fully identify with their values of transparency, equity, and social responsibility they promote.

As leaders in the technology sector, we strive to develop innovative digital solutions that drive environmental sustainability and social well-being. That's why, from our inception, we have worked tirelessly to obtain the official B Corporation certification. Currently, our Hong Kong and Singapore offices are also certified.

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Certification and Evaluation Process

B Lab's certification process is thorough and rigorous. As an organization, we underwent a comprehensive assessment of our performance in various areas. Our values and business practices were scrutinized in detail to ensure that we meet the standards set by B Lab. During the evaluation, we provided evidence of our policies and business practices that demonstrated our commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Below are some of these areas: 


The first phase of the evaluation began with a comprehensive analysis of our organization's mission and vision. During this process, our internal sustainability practices were meticulously assessed. Furthermore, our mission to use technology as a force for good was closely examined. Our service catalog, which includes design, development, and transformation, also underwent a rigorous evaluation. The result reflected the quality and excellence of our services across all aspects. Additionally, we demonstrated our ability to safeguard our mission in the long term and formally consider all stakeholders in our decision-making processes through our corporate structure. 


Within this section that evaluates companies' environmental management practices and their impact on air, climate, water, land, and biodiversity, we achieved a high rating. This is due to the creation and use of our own open-source digital tool called Impact Tracker, which can assess the sustainability of any organization and generate reports on ESG metrics and criteria.

Thanks to Impact Tracker, we have been able to measure the energy consumption and daily carbon footprint emissions of each of our collaborators. The metrics generated by our tool have enabled us to develop an internal strategy for reducing our carbon footprint.



Our commitment to supporting local communities and contributing to their economy left a great impression on the analysts. We take pride in being agents of change through our Impact Lab. Over our 9 years of operations in Mexico, we have closely collaborated with various NGOs on pro bono projects with the aim of digitizing their processes. One prominent example of these collaborations is the creation of 'SOY TECHO,' a digital platform that has facilitated the management of over 1.2 million volunteers mobilized by TECHO in Latin America and the Caribbean.



At PALO IT, the satisfaction and happiness of our collaborators are paramount. That's why we received a high score in the category that evaluates and certifies the organization's contributions to the financial security, health, safety, well-being, professional development, commitment, and satisfaction of our collaborators. "Ensuring the happiness of our team is an essential part of our vision," says Stanislas Bocquet, founder and CEO of PALO IT. "Making this a key priority as an organization provides us with a great opportunity to foster a positive mindset and create the conducive environment in which people can unleash their full potential and generate value for the business."

That's why each of our collaborators enjoys additional benefits beyond what is legally required, a well-defined career plan that is constantly evolving, and continuous support from the human resources team, who work every day to enhance the satisfaction and happiness of each one of them through satisfaction surveys, training, counseling, and events.


Internal Training and Counseling

To ensure that our collaborators understand our impact offerings and know how to generate a positive impact for the companies they work with and globally, we have developed and conducted specific onboardings and counseling sessions.

Furthermore, to raise awareness and provide general knowledge on topics related to climate change for both our teams and clients, we have created a comprehensive impact design offering. This includes workshops in which we have obtained certification and have delivered both internally and externally, such as "The Climate Mural" and "Sustainable IT Collage."



At PALO IT, we are committed to being strategic partners with our clients, helping them implement sustainable practices and reduce their environmental impact. That's why we were recognized for our work in this field. A clear example of this is the recent project we developed for a renowned French luxury retail company, where we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the CO2 emissions of their digital solution, covering a study of 500 criteria that resulted in a reduction of 3 tons of CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, the results of this analysis allowed us to create a practical roadmap to guide the company towards sustainability. This roadmap includes a series of improvements aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Receiving the B Corporation certification represents a significant milestone for PALO IT Mexico and drives us to continue leading positive change in the technology sector. Thanks to our experience and service offerings, we can advise companies on their journey towards sustainability, helping them identify opportunities to improve their energy efficiency, reduce waste, and minimize the environmental impact of their technological solutions.

If you too wish to embark on your path to sustainability, please get in touch with us. Together, we can build a more sustainable and equitable future.




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