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Scrum Values For Scrum Roles — Part 1 : Development Team

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The Scrum framework consists of 3 roles, 3 artefacts, and 5 events. These Scrum essentials are all we need to implement Scrum but the effectiveness of Scrum implementation depends on how well we embody Scrum values. This makes it absolutely important to understand what we as a development team can do to get the most out of Scrum implementation.

The 5 Scrum Values:


The development team must be courageous to:

- Select the appropriate amount of work to be delivered within a sprint’s time

- Work on difficult challenges

- Say “no” to trade-offs between quality and speed

- Do the right thing

- Bring to surface blockers/impediments/challenges


The development team must be committed to:

- Building competence within the team

- The quality of increment

- Technical excellence of the team

- Continuous improvement of the team

- The Sprint goal


The development team must focus on:

- Sprint goal

- Self improvement

- The definition and evolution of ‘done’

- The inspection and adaptation of the Sprint backlog

- Knowledge sharing


The development team must be open:

- Around the work that is being done within the sprint

- Around the challenges they’re facing

- To evolve and collaborate with the parties outside of the development team

- To accept any changes that may happen in the team composition along the way

- Towards changing priorities


The development team must respect:

- Each other as an individual

- The decisions of a product owner

- Team agreements

- Disagreements and handle them in a civil manner

- The Scrum framework and be mindful around their purpose

These are some of the ways development teams can embody Scrum values. Feel free to share your thoughts with me and add more to the list!