Customer Story: 1859 Cloud, or How a Fintech Can Help Charities
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Customer Story: 1859 Cloud, or How a Fintech Can Help Charities

1859 Cloud is one of marmelab's customers. The digital product we've developed for them is both typical of our work (Lean Startup, agile iterations, API-centric architecture, full-stack JS) and very unique (long running, finance sector, very high quality requirements). Let's see that in detail.



29 Mar 2018

Lean & Agile
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A Lean Startup Adventure

You’ve probably heard about the Lean Startup. But what is it exactly, how does it differ from other product development methods, and how does it work in practice? The Marmelab team - the PALO IT digital lab based in Nancy - wrote a series of articles tracing their Lean Startup Adventure.



17 Feb 2016

BarCamps PALO IT
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Save the Date ! BarCamp "Lean Startup Rock Symphony"

Ce mois-ci, PALO IT vous convie à un BarCamp sur le Lean Startup, une approche exposée dans le livre d'Eric Ries, intitulé "The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses". Dans la continuité des méthodes Agiles, le Lean Startup a pour objectif de réduire le cycle de développement d'un produit...

Emeline MOY

Emeline MOY

02 Feb 2015