PALO IT BarCamp “The Future of User Experience”

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Tuesday, May 23rd, 6.45pm at PALO IT Hong Kong

Come join us at our upcoming monthly event!


Let’s talk Future!

User experience (UX) design is a dynamic and constantly evolving field that will continue to be shaped by future trends and technologies. In this interactive session, we will explore how topics like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, micro-interactions, physical hardware, design sprints and innovation games are changing the landscape of UX.


What you will learn

We will share of PALO IT’s experience in applying future UX methodologies to a variety of different projects. Participants will be invited to share questions and topics to drive a dynamic conversation around their experiences and perspectives on the future of UX.



  • Designers
  • Designer Enthusiasts
  • Innovators with any level of UX experience.


Our facilitators

Ollie HAAS, UI/UX Design Expert @PALO IT Hong Kong

Ollie brings to Palo IT a unique background in design, engineering and entrepreneurship. He has worked internationally in the field of UX design for over 7 years, with a broad range of corporate–, consulting, startup and teaching experience. He is passionate about sustainable development, aviation, running and drumming, with a love for good funk and colourful clothes.

Samson NG, UI/UX Design Expert @PALO IT Hong Kong

Samson is passionate in Experience Design. He has over 13 years teaching, software development, consulting and management experience in various business industries such as retail, banking, consultancy, publication and startup. He started his UX journey in 2006 and he deeply believes that design is the essential thinking process to technical and business development.

Food and drinks will be provided. For logistical reasons, please RSVP via Eventbrite below!

Emeline MOY
Emeline MOY

Outside of championing the PALO IT brand accross the world since 5 years, Emeline loves sharing knowledge and feedback over a hot chocolate... or a coconut cocktail! If she is not cuddling a cat, she can be found out in hiking, enjoying yoga sessions and exploring the best running routes and the craziest party hotspots in Hong Kong!


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