New Year’s Resolution: Partying In Style!



Partying in style? That was exactly what we did last week when we ushered in the new year at Open Farm Community, a restaurant under the Spa Esprit Group.

Everyone was decked in their most charming outfit to impress!

With drinks served as our team alighted from the bus, we made our way into the restaurant and were greeted with an old-school photobooth. No stiff bodies at the photobooth as props were provided and the craziness ensued!


All ready to strike a pose for the photobooth!

Others who were waiting for their turn caught up with fellow colleagues over a drink or two. Inside the restaurant, orders were being taken for the 3-course meal that was going to be served for dinner.

Before dinner was served, we had the opportunity to do a quick retrospect from the previous year, where teams and projects that did amazingly well were given the platform to say their thanks – Golden Globes style!


Teams were given 1 minute to give their “Thank You” Speech! 

Don’t take it just from me, but it was pretty evident from photos that were taken that night that our employees were having so much fun! It got even more exciting in the later part of the night when we had the debut of our very own PALO IT Band, Peanut Butter!

THEY WERE AMAZING! Cheers from everyone spurred the spirits of our band members as they performed Mercy by Duffy and Photograph by Ed Sheeran. It’s hard for me to describe it here but the atmosphere was overwhelming from the performance. Who knew we had such talents within our team!





It was indefinitely the most magical night for our company, yet, in 2017!

PS: Check out highlights from the night here:

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