BarCamp “Emerging Innovation: an exploratory journey into Design Thinking and why it matters!”

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Design Thinking can be used to design products, new customer experience or corporate strategy and large scale systems. Like Agile, adopting a Design Thinking approach is not a process but a change of mindset. For large organizations, it often means radical cultural change. Embracing the customer perspective as a starting point to re-invent a strategy or becoming comfortable dealing with ambiguity is a slow but highly rewarding learning process.

Design Thinking is a making-based approach to solving problems creatively. It fosters radical collaboration and focuses on human values. If you want to understand more about Design Thinking and hear how organizations like Uber, Metlife or AirBnB use it to become and remain innovative, attend this synthetic lecture about Design Thinking key concepts and implementation principles.

Design Thinking


Our speaker

Cédric MAINGUYCédric MAINGUY, Head of Digital Innovation @PALO IT Singapore
Co-founder of three start-ups in Cambodia, India and New York, Cédric is a seasoned IT entrepreneur. Over the years, Cédric has developed a knack for structuring innovation processes, implementing best practices in a wide range of areas, empowering teams to become highly efficient and helping managers structure operations to boost performance. Passionate about innovation which is at the heart of the transformation of many industries, he works with clients to develop multi-channel strategies, operating models and improve customer experience. Cédric has 15 years of international experience and specializes in innovation, Agile and digital transformations. He served clients in the high-tech, healthcare, retail, finance and music industries on strategy, innovation, product development, IT and organization.

Usefull information

Adress: PALO IT, 3 rue Scribe, 75009 Paris – Opéra Metro Station.
NB : You will be offered a drink before the presentation. By attending this event, you agree to be photographed and/or filmed and give permission to use your likeness in promotional and/or marketing materials.



Amélie DARCY
Amélie DARCY


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