Design Thinking workshops at Creative Day in Hong Kong

PALO IT was invited to conduct Design Thinking workshops at Creative Day on last Thursday, November 26 in Hong Kong, at KPMG Office.
The objective of this full day seminar was to empower CEOs and managers of French MNCs with creative thinking tools.

About Creative Day

Creative Day is a full day seminar restricted to 100 people, organized by the French & Italian Chambers of Commerce and dedicated to managers or everyone who ever felt overwhelmed by an outpouring of technologies and innovation theories! For further information, please visit the ICC website.


Morning Session

  • Opening by Master of Ceremony Anson Bailey, Principal KPMG
  • Creative alternatives at being successful: David Goldsmith, Award-winning author on innovative business solutions
  • Panel: best practices from incubators (Blueprint, Nest and Mills) moderated by Cees de Bont, Dean of School of Design Polytechnic University.

Afternoon Session

  • Design Thinking workshops, conducted by Agile Coaches from PALO IT and Why Innovation!
  • Applied innovations: benefits and challenges of an Innovation Centre; Bidyut Dumra, Head of Innovation Cathay Pacific.

Creative Day Hong Kong

PALO IT Design Thinking Workshops

Designed to ignite the creative flare among business leaders, the French Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong invited a diverse panel of industrial experts to hold talks, workshops and discussion. PALO IT helped design an innovation workshop for 100 participants to get acquainted with the Design Thinking Approach. The group was divided in 2 teams :

  • One team was invited to re-design the gift-giving experience
  • The other group worked on designing a better wallet.


Working in pairs, each participant had the opportunity to experience first hand each step of the Design Thinking process. They first empathized with their peer on what giving gifts or using wallets meant to the other by doing a couple round of interviews. Based on these new points of view and insights, they could frame actionable problem statements and identify areas of opportunities in the gift giver and wallet experiences.

They then brainstormed about what innovative solutions could best address these problem or opportunities and finally created prototypes or invented new scenarios to create new wallets and meaningful new way to give gifts! The full-day event was a great success with participants bringing home efficient thinking toolkits to implement in their businesses.

Find here the video on our channel YouTube !

Amélie DARCY
Amélie DARCY


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