PALO IT at the Agile Tour Singapore 2015

PALO IT is happy to co-organize Agile Tour Singapore 2015 on 26-27 November ! It is a two-day technology and business conference for managers, executives, developers, coaches and consultants who want to collaborate and learn from local agile practitioners about Agile experiences in Singapore and the region. This event will take place at DBS – Marina Bay Financial (Singapore).

PALO IT Singapore will lead four talks/workshops entitled :

  • “Agile in HR and HR in Agile”;
  • “Empathy Driven Product Vision – Art of creating an impactful product vision using emotions and magic of visual effects”;
  • “How can playing lead to breakthrough innovation? An exploratory journey into innovation games and design thinking”;
  • “Designing good products always start with questions, never with good ideas”.

DAY 1 at 3.30-4.15 pm :

Agile in HR and HR in Agile – 2 sides of the same coin in agile adoption


When an organisation wants to adopt agile, typically starting from the technology teams, it’s people that is central to the change. She will be sharing a case study focusing on HR aspects in the transition including team transition, change of roles, team recruitment and expansion. In addition, she will also flip the view on HR support and the agile aspects in HR required to support this transition including iterative recruitment, knowledge transfer and structuring change.


Jas ChongJas Chong : Change management and organisation transformation consultant !

Over 15 years in change management focusing on organisation change and development. Standing and intervening between changes led by technology and changes required for people and organisation.


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DAY 2 at 11.00-12.00 am :

Empathy Driven Product Vision


“Customers don’t buy products, they hire products to do a job” – Clayton Christensen

  • Are your customers ready to buy your product even before you release it ?
  • Are your customers inspired by your product ?
  • Is your product vision aligned with your customers’ needs ?
  • Does your product vision motivate your team ?

Join us to experiment a new way of creating a empathy driven product vision, a powerful tool to start your journey of creating right products or services. Experience the power of Emotions inspired by Human-Centered Design concepts, iterative feedback loops and Visual creativity.

With this approach, customers and team are involved and convinced with your product or service right from the start.

A few benefits of empathy driven product vision are:

  1. Seeing Is believing: visualization has better impact on mind
  2. Easy to understand and getting feedback from the customers
  3. Helpful for marketing and sales to think of their product strategy
  4. Empower team to be focused for the product goal in their whole development cycle
  5. Helpful for start-ups to pitch a new product idea or invention to a potential investor
  6. Team understands better, the vision of the new product initiatives by the company


Savita PahujaSavita Pahuja : Agile Coach, Trainer, Visionary Blogger and Speaker !

Her expertise areas are Scrum, Lean, kanban and other visual discovery methods. She started her journey in IT industry as a developer and contributed the organization in Agile adoption. Then she moved into Agile world as a consultant and trainer. Since then she has been working with different clients for Agile adoption and giving trainings on scrum and kanban.

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DAY 2 at 11.00-12.00 am :

How can playing lead to breakthrough innovation? An exploratory journey into innovation games and design thinking


A Serious Game is a game whose primary intent is not pure entertainment. We learn best when we play and an increasing number of organizations have realized the enormous potential of game-based activities. Serious Games can be applied to a broad spectrum of areas like training, hiring, generating new ideas, making meetings more effective, generating feedback about a product or service, improving communication, avoiding common decision-making pitfalls, feature prioritization, vision sharing, SWOT analysis, strategy building, reflect and learn sessions and change management… The list goes on. Organizations like Google, IBM or the United Nations use Serious Games on a regular basis. Not a single month passes without a book, article, conference or training about this increasingly popular topic. The growing success of Agile methods, which put a strong emphasis on people interactions, fun and build a creativity-friendly environment, have made Serious Games even more popular. The workshops will be facilitated with the aim to bring fun into work and produce highly valuable outcomes fast.

Session outline:

  • What are innovation games?
  • Hands-on experimentations
  • Debrief and sharing


Cédric MainguyCédric Mainguy : Futurist, Innovation Enthousiast, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Agile Coach !

Founder of 3 start-ups in Cambodia, India and New York; Cedric is a seasoned IT entrepreneur. Over the years, Cedric has developed a knack for structuring innovation processes and empowering teams to become highly efficient. Passionate about innovation, which is at the heart of the transformation of many industries, he works with corporate clients to revamp strategies and invent new experiences.

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Sylvain MAHESylvain Mahe : Agile / Lean coach !

He is an energetic and creative change agent who believes Agile is above all an attitude based on trust, discipline and a flexible mindset. Add shared vision and technical excellence for the transformation to succeed ! He is also a life coach, with a focus on relationships and transformation. He helps clients explore their true nature and finds their way towards a more fulfilling life.

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DAY 2 at 4.15 – 5.00 pm :

Designing good products always start with questions, never with good ideas


  • Have you ever heard about those products that have been successfully released in the market but noone has never bought?
  • Have you ever heard about those products for which you spent a lot of money but no one has ever wanted to use?
  • Have you ever heard about those organizations using these iterative and incremental dev methods but never satisfy their customers?

In this talk, I will share my experience as a product owner where I have been involved in few digital products delivery and the common mistakes organizations and product management teams do while designing their products, leading to a FAIL. I will also share useful tips I used to avoid those mistakes.


Mirana KernerMirana Kerner : Agile enthusiast !

She is an Agile enthusiast whose passion is to deliver products customers will love and to create high performing teams. Over the last 10years, her passion has driven she to lead many awesome digital products for her clients in large MNC such as Dior, L’Oreal, As a coach, With her specialization in product development, leadership and Scrum, she accompanies business and technology throughout the whole product lifecycle from inspiration to implementation using interactive and innovative approaches. She also helps teams grow and perform as leaders.

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You can register online and find more information on :

Amélie DARCY
Amélie DARCY


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