A resume of the GWT.Create 2015 Conference in München



The second version of GWT.create was hold in Munich. First of all, a huge thank to our company PALO IT for offering the chance to attend it. This year, more than 600 attendees have registered. The community is growing. The two days conference had a great success. So many excellent talks were elaborated by Google teams, Vaadin, GXT, Arcbees and others who use and contribute to GWT.


Some key informations from GWT.create :

  • GWT has a new logo now;
  • The version 2.7 was released with a lot of important features in 2014, and 2.8 is on the road;
  • The incremental compilation optimizes the compile time less than 1s for a normal size project;
  • Super dev mode has a more accurate source map now. The classic dev mode will be removed;
  • GWT has made a great improvement at JRE performance;
  • GWT makes the smallest and fastest applications;
  • GWT helps to have 70% of reusable code across 4 platforms;
  • Google Inbox is developed with GWT;
  • GWT supports Java 8 synthax now, which means lambda is now available in GWT;
  • GSS is totally integrated in GWT, and will replace CssResource in the future version;
  • JSInterop will soon remove the experimental tag – really exciting new !;
  • Polymer is on its dev preview release but mature now. With JsInterop, we can use all Polymer components in GWT application naturally;
  • The integration of DeltaJS and ServiceWorker in GWT will make applications run more efficiently in browser and will enable easily offline features;
  • Singular, a brand new idea to have all the good concepts of angularJS in Java without its weakness, which offers a new templating way to facilitate multi-platforms application development;
  • GWT could be a part of a strategy to share Java code across platforms, which is proved by Google Inbox project.


Party is a good time to exchange experiences

GWT.create organised a party at the end of the first day of conference. The whole hall of GWT developers, each of them has different projects or problems or thoughts. It is a good chance to hear about what is going on in other GWT projects, to discover new use cases of GWT, to get new ideas. We have founded quite fast a little French speaking group. Maybe a GWT event in France could be expected ?



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